Security patch for BIGACE 2.6 released

posted on: 01.07.2009

BIGACE Design 1 Screenshot

It is strongly recommended that all users upgrade as soon as possible!

Please install this patch using the extension administration. If it is not possible to install it via administration, use the FTP method. Finally if that also fails, please extract the file /public/index.php from the ZIP and copy it manually to your BIGACE installation.

This vulnerability doesn't work on systems that use an open_basedir setting.

Again, thanks to y3nh4ck3r for letting me know about this problem.

DOWNLOAD: Get the patch from the posting in our announcement forum.


  1. Sergej
    und wo finde ich diesen Patch?
  2. Keleo
    You find the patch in the linked forum announcement.
    Or directly:;attach=261


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