Download: Sourceforge Test Package


A lot of enhancements has been added under the surface, not all of of them are accessible right now.

For example one of the most important features: Multiple contents for each page is currently only availble for PHP templates, which are outdated for most users. This will come with the Beta version for testing.

This version uses the markItUp! Editor for HTML Source, Templates and Stylesheet editing.

An event system has been added for easier customization of system tasks - a feature which is more interesting for developer than for users.

The status of Cron Jobs can now be customized.

A new language pack for Swedish is available (thanks to Dragonslayer).

Installation has been easified slightly.

Rad the full Changelog for more informations on all changes.


Everybody is asked to download, install and test the new version.

Do NOT use it for updating your current system - and you should not use it for productive sites either!

Feedback is highly appreciated (I cannot test everything by myself) - please post your comments in the Test Results Forum.