Okay, before I tell you about the latest version, I wanted to point you to the the new overview page of all BIGACE Versions. When you search for informations about a special version, go there and follow these links. This page replaces the old changelog page, which couldn't serve all important informations.

I am always happy to receive some feedback about possible improvements, both about BIGACE and this website. Let me know in the comments!

Important changes in 2.5 RC4

I added a simple but powerful Plugin framework, that enables developer to hook into the core system and receive in-time events. Three plugins were changed to demonstrate this behaviour: the SEO extension, the comment system and the smileys (improved to hook into comments). You should test these together with the 2.5 RC4 release and leave your thoughts in the test result forum.

You find the latest plugin downloads on the nightly build page, download BIGACE 2.5 RC4 from the download page or directly from here.

How to use the new plugin framework?

When you install a plugin, you will find it in the extension administration in the new tab "Plugins" where you can activate and deactivate it. Plugins are PHP files in the new /plugins/ directory, following a simple syntax.

For developer: I will release detailed information for you soon, you can already bookmark the Plugin Authoring page from the wiki, which will be the entry point in the future.