This video should support you in your upgrade process. Its all about updating your System from BIGACE 2.4 to BIGACE 2.5 (at least RC2, which will be released later this day).

So, if you decide to upgrade your system, I highly recommend to watch this screencast before, to make sure you execute the required steps in the correct order.

Upgrading Screencast

Don't like the quality? If you want to watch the video in HD, please use the link to go to BIGACE Web CMS on Vimeo directly or use this link to get to the Screencast: BIGACE Web CMS - Upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5.

As I say in the vieo as well, this is my first screencast ever, so please leave some comments what could be improved in future screencasts!
I would also like to improve my support, using videos. So you could tell me, which topics could be covered in the next screencasts.