What a long way till we got here. The step from 2.4 to 2.5 is probably the biggest in BIGACE lifetime. Major improvements, like the database UTF-8 migration and the plugin framework have been done.

The community grew in the meantime and we got new translations, so BIGACE is now available in 6 languages! We received modules, extensions and templates by the community.

I want to thank all the people who contributed and helped with their qualified feedback, bug reports, forum support, translations ...

BIGACE 2.5 - Get it, install/upgrade it

Where can you download BIGACE 2.5? Here and always from the official BIGACE Downloads page.

How do you install BIGACE 2.5? Read the installation guide (note that the screenshots are probably outdated...)

How do you upgrade from BIGACE 2.4? Download the upgrade file, read and follow the 2.4 to 2.5 Upgrade guide (there is a screencast as well).

What has changed from 2.4 to 2.5? Read the answers in the Changelog for 2.5.

Where do you find help? Register in the BIGACE Forum and drop us your question, bug report or whatever comes to your mind.

Special thanks to...

  • Dragonslayer for Swedish Translation, Testing and Templates
  • Jenkky for the Finnish Translations
  • Ismail for his Turkish Translations
  • Gernot for valueable feedback and templates
  • Swen for Bug reporting (congrats to your 2nd child)

A lot of other people has contributed as well, you can find all of them in the BIGACE Forum. Sorry folks if you are not mentioned here, you are all important for BIGACE and its great community!

This release is dedicated to the Swedish metalband Sabaton. They gave me some inspiration during long nights of development. But be careful, if you don't like  metal, Sabaton might not be your band of choice ;)

Canceled support for 2.4

With a new release, the support for every version lower is canceled. I fully understand, if you are still using 2.4 in production for a couple of weeks, but do not try to build new projects with it! The agreement is: We develop the software and you leave qualified feedback and questions. Its our free time and we do not want to waste it on bug reports for old versions, which might already be fixed.

So please everyone: Install and test the new release and then upgrade your running system to 2.5.

Now its your turn, spread the word for BIGACE. Leave your comment, feedback is a great motivation. Bookmark this page, become a team member, place a donation, contribute with a new template, help to improve the online documentation. There are hundreds of ways to help... BIGACE is free software and you can be part of it!