This News posting shall let you know that BIGACE 2.6 is there and you should upgrade your system as soon as possible (read to the end).

BIGACE 2.6 brings a bunch of new features, where the most important ones are:

As said when releasing BIGACE 2.5, we are going to change the development and release cycle. "Release early, release often" is what BIGACE stucks to and we hope to satisfy your needs with that.

BIGACE 2.6 - Get it, install/upgrade it

Download BIGACE 2.6 here and always from the official BIGACE Downloads page.

Read the installation guide to get infos about the easy task of installing BIGACE?

How do you upgrade from BIGACE 2.5? Download the upgrade file, read the Upgrading Guide and execute the upgrade. Then go to Administration => System => Configurations and edit the settings of package "email".

To find out what changed read the Changelog for 2.6.

Where do you find help? Register in the BIGACE Forum and drop us your question, bug report or whatever comes to your mind.

Cancel support for 2.5

With a new release, the support for every version before is stopped. New versions fix old bugs, so please upgrade as soon as possible. The agreement is: We develop the software and you leave qualified feedback and questions. Its our free time and we do not want to waste it on bug reports for old versions, which might already be fixed.

So please everyone: Install and test the new release and then upgrade your running system to 2.6.

Thanks to y3nh4ck3r

As stated in the last news y3nh4ck3r helped us out with his security expertise and showed us a way to improve BIGACE code and security. He will release an exploit soon, which makes it possible in some circumstances to inject the BIGACE database. So everybody is HIGHLY ASKED to upgrade as soon as possible!


This release is dedicated to the German (Dance-)Metal band Rammstein. Enjoy!

Now its your turn, spread the word for BIGACE. Leave your comment, blog and leave a trackback - every feedback is motivation! Bookmark this page, become a team member, place a donation, contribute some of your rare time to improve the quality of BIGACE. There are hundreds of ways to help... BIGACE is free software and you can be part of it!