BIGACE 2.7 will be the last version in the BIGACE 2.x series and we need your help improving the BIGACE quality and stability.

Download: BIGACE 2.7 beta

Automated builds and testing

As announced with the beta version of 2.6 we have a Nightly Website of BIGACE, which can be used for testing Bigace.

Please use this chance and help us improving the quality of BIGACE, your favourite Web CMS ;D

If you want to test in your own environment (what is the preferred way, so we can find errors that depend on the system) go to out Nightly build page and download the latest release and extensions.


You find all most of the changes between BIGACE 2.6 and 2.7 at This page will be updated, if more changes will be applied before the final release.


Please leave your feedback in the comments or in our Forum.