BIGACE 2.7 is there and you are urged to upgrade your system as soon as possible. This version adresses some browser specific problems and brings in new core features.

Special thanks fly out to Russ McRee from Holisticiinfosec, who discovered and helped solving the URL injection and CSRF vulnerabilities.

BIGACE 2.7 - Download, install and upgrade

Download BIGACE 2.7 or from the official Downloads page.

Upgrading from BIGACE 2.6 is easy: Read the Upgrading Guide, then download and execute the upgrade package.

To find out what changed read the full Changelog for 2.7.

To find help, register at the Forum and drop us your question, bug report or whatever comes to your mind.

This release is dedicated to the famous band Led Zeppelin.

Canceled support for 2.6

With 2.7 the support for every older version is stopped. The new version fixes many bugs, so please upgrade as soon as possible.

Now its your turn, spread the word for BIGACE. Leave a comment, write a post and send your trackback - every feedback is motivation! Bookmark this page, become a team member, place a donation or contribute some of your rare time to the project. Be inspired by free software!