Since a couple of weeks everyone is capable of purchasing BIGACE via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, making it easier than ever to get a rich and interactive website up and running with BIGACE.

The APS format, originally created by Parallels, is designed to enable hosting providers to efficiently provision and install BIGACE on their existing infrastructure using a standard way for APS applications. And as an APS-compliant application, BIGACE is not only compatible with Parallels Plesk control panel and Virtuozzo containers but also to Hosting Provider using Open Source alternatives like SysCP.

Here is a screenshot of the BIGACE listing on the APS startpage:

Web CMS APS Certification

And here the direct link to the BIGACE APS detail page for all of you, who have an APS enabled backend and want to test the package. Another step forward to make BIGACE more accessible and easy to install!

Please leave some feedback if you could test and work with BIGACE in a SaaS environment!