As I posted some time ago I am going to stick to the dogma "release soon, release often".

So here is the next release candidate, which brings some important changes:

Read the full changelog to get an idea of the most important changes.

Automated builds and testing

A lot of effort went into the automated build process. Between BIGACE 2.5 and today a new automated website was created.

As you probably all know, the nightly build service was introduced with 2.5. You can fetch the latest code changes, ready to deploy. Probably not for your productive systems ;) but for testing and giving your feedback about latest changes and newly introduced bugs *hehe*.

If one of your plugins/extensions doesn't work as you expect it, you could give its nightly build a try.

Now, with BIGACE 2.6 I created a new service, called the "Nightly Website" - well not the best marketing slogan so I might change its name somewhen, but we'll start with it... Okay, the Nightly website is recreated every night from the latest available sources. Its based on the source code which you get from the nightly build system as well, so don't wonder if the website is broken. If not you have the ultimate chance to test latest changes without the need to install BIGACE on your (local) server. great, isn't it?

So that should help us to improve BIGACE even easier. You just surf around and test stuff and report it and I can fix it right away.

Login credentials for the "Nightly Website" are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

More infos about nightly build and the test website can be found on the Nightly build page.

Security fixes

As you probably read in the last news posting, there were some security problems found in BIGACE 2.5 and already fixed.

BIGACE got some really valueable help from y3nh4cker, we are working together to make it an even more secure. With a real hackers attitude, he reports first - gives his inside view and tips and waits for fixes before releasing an exploit.

My biggest thanks and credits go to you y3nh4cker - you are a welcome team member!


So now, please grab the latest release and test it:

Your feedback is appreciated. Leave a comment or trackback - and most important: Download and test BIGACE and report any issue.