When I first read about FirePHP I was exited how easy it is to use. And also the time it can safe us, searching log files or scanning database log tables. WOW, one of these scripts you have to know as PHP developer!

And to get a better feeling for the framework (at the end its just one class, but what counts it the advantage it brings), I developed a BIGACE Logger, using FirePHP. Bad enough, I didn't got a better feeling, because its almost too easy to use ;-D

Here is a screenshot of it, running in BIGACE with some test log messages:

Okay, you don't see BIGACE in that screenshot, but its there...

There is more information about the FirePHP Plugin for BIGACE available in the wiki page (http://wiki.bigace.de/bigace:extensions:development:firephp) including installatoin tips, code examples and some screenshots. Check it out, you will love it.


The official FirePHP Homepage has more information available:

Thanks to Christoph Dorn for (t)his software.