The website just launched, so its in an open Beta phase currently. I encourage you to have a look, test
the given tools and leave your feedback!

As well as that, the website is launched with the new design, that will be carried out across the other
BIGACE websites, like this one and the forum and wiki. I ask you, to have a look around and test with
different browsers. Can you see differences? Is anything broken in Safari or Internet Explorer?

The first tools I published for you are these:

Those tools are nearer described at the tools introduction page. I hope they will be usefull for you.

New ideas are welcome, also bug reports ... And if the tools save your time, donations are welcome as well!

Oh, and btw. your modules and themes can be published in the forum, to be used across the community. I can add them to the remote search as well, after a short review.

Here is the full link to the new website: