Thanks to Fabrizio Lazzeretti Bigace has another language pack. I hope the italian community will grow and that you spread the word :)

You can read more about the italian translations in the forum announcement and on its official plugin page.

The package was originally made for Bigace 2.7. Its the same with all translation packages: The community needs to give feedback if something might be missing or you want to improve the translations - no one in the team speaks italian so we can only offer the download but do no quality checks - but I believe @Fabrizio: you did a great job and thanks for supporting Bigace!

As bonus, the Bigace installer will from now on come with italian translations. But this is ONLY the installer!
If you want to use italian, please download the extension from the Plugins page and install it via your Administration panel.

And now, what about you: Will you use the new translation package?