Today I installed a new layout for the Bigace documentation website, which is currently on high load to document all changes for Bigace 3.

The reason to switch the design was the wish for a more user-friendly page with a cleaner layout and a better reading experience. The todays installation is one of the first steps in the development process for Bigace 3.

Old design

Lets start with a short recap on the old documentation:

 Screenshot old wiki

  • The menu on the left side didn't make much sense and was mostly concentrated on developer topics
  • Text formatting didn't fit well for a documentation page
  • Especially for user who came from a administrations help link, the integration into the Bigace website design was confusing
  • Start page had dozens of links to subpages, chapters were organized by headings

All of these topics needed to be addressed and I hope I made a good start with the todays installation:

New design

Screenshot new documentation:
Screenshot new documentation

As you can see, the menu moved to the right sidebar and currently only has buttons to switch the language and four links to the pages main parts: Home, Manual, Development, Administration (the menu will likely be improved in the future). Also the start page now holds links to 7 subpages, which structure the content in a cleaner way.

Especially when you come from the administration. you won't get distracted from the Bigace websites top menu.

See it live here :)


Kudos to Andreas Viklund, a swedish web designer and musician, who is the author of the 1024px template. His HTML template was used and highly customized to work with dokuwiki.

Please share your thoughts about the new look & feel and post your questions and requests for more documenation entries here or hop over to the documentation forum.