UPDATE: The nightly build system is no longer existing!

I added a new download page, to allow easy access to these files created once a day. Download these experimental versions of BIGACE that are daily generated from our code that is currently in development.

What is a Nightly Build?

A nightly build is a snapshot of the currently checked-in BIGACE sources. Our nightly build system creates the same ZIP files like those you can download from Sourceforge.

You find these sources in our CVS (Concurrent Versioning System). Go to our Wiki page to find out more about the BIGACE CVS.

Where can I find these Nightly Builds?

Go to our Nightly Build repository to get the latest development version of BIGACE.

Why Nightly Builds?

Development of BIGACE moves fairly quickly (well at least in some phases) and the daily work break things as often as they are fixed. I claim this to be part of the development process, which aims to produce the most stable releases possible.

Several issues that existed in previous versions of BIGACE might be fixed, but as long as this version of BIGACE is not finished, you should expect other problems and issues.

We need you to test these nightly builds to provide your feedback. Let us know what you like, what you don't like and escpecially what doesn't work!

The more people help, the better will be our releases. Do you like our nightly-build-system? How can we help you to help us?