And after a time playing around with JQuery I knew what will replace the old code base.

So BIGACE 2.5 is using JQuery in the administration backend. It will be integrated deeper within the next releases.

But why did I change, when everything worked? There are five main reasons:

  • JQuery has the required Plugins for at least Tabbing and Table Sorting, what was currently done with the WebFX TabPane and SortableTable
  • JQuery is licensed with the GPL and MIT License
  • JQuery is up-to-date, has a big community and massive plugins (for example JGrowl)
  • WebFX is licened with Apache license
  • WebFX has a pretty old code base and seems not be maintained lately

The Code analysis at Ohloh, where the BIGACE PHP Web CMS is listed since a couple of weeks, showed me the Apache license problem.

BTW: Ohloh is a great platform, I can recommend that to everyone interested in software development. If you register there, you could add BIGACE to your "used software list" :-D