Now, after the new version is out and most of the extensions were updated, it is time for this quick reminder to all of you: Upgrade BIGACE and your extensions :)

Make sure that your server is PHP 5 compatible, if not contact your support, it is really time to upgrade!

Upgraded Plugins

Several plugins were updated to be compatible with the new BIGACE Version 2.5:

I want to thank Dragonslayer, Jenkky and ostin, who translated BIGACE to new languages. If anyone of you is interested in supporting this Open Source Software by translating it, please leave us a message in the Translation Forum.


For the developer among you, the following might be interesting: A new API Documentation was generated using the great phpDocumentor tool. I wrote a complete new smarty design for phpDocumentor to reflect the website design on the API pages as well.

You find information about Interfaces, Classes, Smarty TAGs, Libs and functions and the BIGACE commands. For possible improvements post in the Documentation Forum.


And like always: Comments are allowed, don't be shy!