JQuery is cool

Yes, really, I love it. It makes Javascript development much easier and has a bunch of Plugins, which all can be used to enhance usability in websites and forms.

Since BIGACE is Content Management System, we have a lot of forms in the backend, all of them trying to easify the users job. JQuery supports our job in developing easy forms and that why we have choosen to integrate it in the next BIGACE Version 2.5 (more news to follow).

The Editor framework

Since 2.5 introduces multiple contents for each page we couldn't use the old fashioned way of displaying feedback messages at the pages bottom. The pages bottom might be far away from the save button and important feedback got lost. That problem as well appeared in older versions when you used the fullscreen mode of the editor.

Thanks to the guys from WebAppers (I like your postings!) I found the JGrowl framework made by Stan Lemon.

And what can I say? It came at the right moment fulfilling all requirements. Great Job Stan!

Even JQuery newbies will be able to use it within minutes, I found it straight forward to integrate.

Some screenshots of BIGACE 2.5 using JGrowl

The first one shows the notifications the user gets when saving a page successful:

The next one shows the message that comes up, if the user stopped working for a longer time. The session timed out and he is not able to save because of missing permissions. You see the first message already fading-out and the error message using different styles staying on top:

The next screenshot is a follow up from the last one, showing the usage of sticky notifications for error messages. The user needs to close the manually by hitting the X to make sure he recognized its message.

Its a pretty useful framework for me, at least for a lot of administration formulars. I am pretty sure it will gain even more publicity in the future.

Go ahead and test it!

Check out the website of the JGrowl author. Stan Lemon has a bunch of (funny?) comments about programmers.