After searching and testing for more than a year and looking into about 30 different tree components I finally found one, which matches the BIGACE requirements, while on the other hand being lightweight and compatible with jQuery (the javascript framework used by BIGACE).

jsTree is its name and it is developed by Ivan Bozhanov. He did a great job and the community a big favour, sharing this component under the GPL. For me its probably the best Javascript based Tree component next to the YUI Tree and some Mootools implementations.

The jsTree offers many new features, from which we currently use three:

  • Drag & Drop of nodes, here its used for moving pages around in the tree
  • Context menu, so users can right click and choose the desired option from the context menu (toolbar is still there)
  • Easy tree reloading, we use it for language switching

If you want to test this component, go and check out or new Nightly Builds Demo page.

Here are some screenshots of how this tree will easify your Web CMS life:

The new context menu comes up on right click. It respects permissions, so if you are not allowed to use the editor, this item will not be clickable.

Select a node (page) and you can drag it around. For moving it, just drop it on its new parent node. If you see a red cross, you cannot drop the page, for example if you try to drop it inside a tree below itself.

After the page is dropped, BIGACE will move it and the tree will be automatically refreshed.

The english pages before we switch the displayed tree language using the drop-down.

The german tree after the language was switched.

Now there is only one dialog left which needs to be replaced and we can get completely rid of the outdated and Apache licensed WebFX Tree component, which was used until 2.5. So bye, bye WebFX, welcome jsTree - jQuery Tree.

@Ivan: Thanks for this great piece of software!