But not only the design changed, a lot of changes where performed all over the page.

Top Menu changes

As BIGACE and its Community grows slowly but constantly it was time for a change, time for an easier menu structure where the most important pages are always available.

There is space for at least one or two menu points and I have already ideas what to put there. More infos coming soon.

Oh btw, I know that the design doesn't work well in IE6, but you know what, I give a ****. People using Internet Explorer 6, please upgrade or switch to Firefox or Opera ;-) I am not a webdesigner and don't want to struggle with IE6 CSS hacks, if somebody out there has an idea how to improve that, please leave a comment.

Wiki navigation

A left column menu was integrated, where the most important pages are always available. These changes where applied, so that you can navigate faster through the wiki, hoping that the valuable informations kept there can be found more easily.

Server migration

The BIGACE Website, Wiki and Forum where moved to a new server, to improve the interoperability of the website. Some other pages are already here and waiting for integration into the overall menu structure. The new server gives us the chance for much better services.

For example, the demo website is rebuild every hour now... guess I should document that somewhere :D

Developer resources

The developer resource website was integrated into the navigation, to let people know that there are some helpful tools available for them.


Moving multiple databases and server software installations to a new server is quite a big step and there where some problems found already, if you notice anything strange, please leave a comment.

Comments are welcome, please leave your opinion about the new design!