But finally there was enough time to perform the latest tasks, required to create the 2.4 release.

Everybody is asked to upgrade. And your feedback is highly appreciated. Please read more about "How to Upgrade" in common and the 2.4 Upgrade in special.

To find the required packages to install, have a look at the Download Section.



  • [Installer] Installation stops after extracting files [SF Bug 1788095]
  • [Core] Endless loop in SQL Statement [SF Bug 1804798]
  • [Core] Show Modul Name if translation is missing [SF Bug 1773748]
  • [Core] Error 403 - bad wording (anonymous) [SF Bug 1772555]
  • [Core] Activation fails [SF Bug 1880340]
  • [Core] Activation Email subject [SF Bug 1880326]
  • [Admin] Standard theme: added missing extensions icon
  • [Admin] Missing translations for user admin
  • [Admin] missing translation - link item category [SF Bug 1753045]
  • [Admin] Preview Button does not work [SF Bug 1878419]
  • [Editor] FCKeditor -> verstekcte Seiten werden nicht angezeigt [SF Bug 1806182]
  • [Editor] Missing feedback if session timed out [SF Bug 1750883]

Feature Requests

  • [Installer] Auto redirect after successful pre-install [SF 1747854]
  • [Editor] Loosing changes on language switch [SF Feature 1753968]
  • [Editor] Manual Links within the Editor Framework [SF Feature 1770670]
  • [Editor] Translation Screen for Editor [SF Feature 1744465]
  • [Admin] Remote lookup for available extensions (via SOAP) [SF Feature 1452039]
  • [Admin] Create new user with multiple group assignments
  • [Admin] Seitenadministration -> Rechte in der Navigation [SF Feature 1606111]
  • [Search] Suche in die HP einbinden [SF Feature 1895695]


  • [Installer] Changed all over design and simplified checkup screen
  • [Core] Support real SEO friendly URLs (like http://www.bigace.de/changelog.html)
  • [Core] Cron Jobs including an Administration Screen for test execution
  • [Core] User attribute Email
  • [Admin] Standard theme: added credits [SF Feature 1750462]
  • [Admin] Group Configurations by Package
  • [Admin] New Menu Attributes Layout, including more information and tools
  • [Admin] Choose one editor of all available
  • [Admin] File Mass-Upload [SF Feature 1885198]
  • [Smarty] new TAG {modul_check} to check if a given modul is installed
  • [Smarty] new TAG {last_created_items} to fetch lasted created items
  • [Smarty] new TAG {last_edited_items} to fetch lastest edited items [SF Feature 1744919]
  • [Smarty] new TAG {stylesheet} to fetch a Smarty Stylesheet ot its URL
  • [Smarty] new TAG {user} to fetch a User or its Username