The new Version 2.7.5 is here and updates can be performed from 2.7.2 - 2.7.4. Just extract the ZIP file, upload to your server, open "install.php" in your browser and hit the "Extract" button.

Afterwards, delete the 4 files "README", "install.php" and the two ZIP files. A more detailed docu about Upgrading is available here.

You can grab your copy from the Download page.

Please note: Don't forget to upgrade your Plugins as well! I will release a couple of them with exclusive 2.7.5 features later, so upgrade them soon to get the most out of your Bigace :)


  • [BIGACE-6] - File Import detects wrong Itemtype
  • [BIGACE-8] - Created Stylesheet has wrong permission
  • [BIGACE-9] - Problem when switching on a single language page
  • [BIGACE-22] - Filemanager does not show hidden pages
  • [BIGACE-26] - Missing Portlet translations on Application pages
  • [BIGACE-28] - Wrong application templates on new installation
  • [BIGACE-33] - Language chooser doesn't change language
  • [BIGACE-35] - Link dialog - 500 Server error
  • [BIGACE-37] - Javascript problem in FCKeditor
  • [BIGACE-40] - Wrong slash handling
  • [BIGACE-42] - Metatags TAG needs update
  • [BIGACE-43] - Stylesheet cannot be created


  • [BIGACE-18] - Decrease Loglevel for NotFound-Exception
  • [BIGACE-23] - Wrong spelling in Filemanager
  • [BIGACE-29] - Default permissions for new images and files
  • [BIGACE-34] - Create hudson build for Bigace 2.7
  • [BIGACE-36] - Strip root dir from error logs
  • [BIGACE-44] - FCKEditor does not load template specific templates
  • [BIGACE-47] - Support content filter
  • [BIGACE-49] - Search does not find additional content
  • [BIGACE-50] - FCKEditor saves entities instead of utf-8 character

Please share your upgrading experience, as I need your feedback to find further improvements!