• [Admin] fixed admin backlink in systems with deactivated URL rewriting [Forum]
  • [Admin] fixed old styled URL in editors default link dialog for pages with children
  • [Admin] fixed several buttons which did not work with deactivated URL rewriting and IE
  • [Admin] fixed "delete selected" problem for IE [Forum]
  • [Admin] do not show hidden pages in "last edited page" [Forum]
  • [Core] last_created_items to respect exclude flags
  • [Core] URL vulnerability [MilwormSecunia]
  • [Core] CSRF vulnerability [Secunia]
  • [Core] wrong parameter found in MenuAdminMask (notice)
  • [Core] infinite loop in portlets when toplevel language is missing [SF 2706297]
  • [Core] missing template for anonymous user with missing read permission
  • [Core] Community installation fails under IIS [SF 2619810]
  • [Plugin] News - Default image couldn't be deleted [SF 2217313]
  • [Search] Hidden pages cannot be found [SF 2148483]

Feature Requests

  • [Auth] Preselect current language for login
  • [Admin] Allow to delete Usergroups
  • [Core] Added "Lost password" feature [SF 1884625]
  • [Smarty] new TAG {navitree} (no docu yet) [SF 2037622]


  • [Core] Added HTTP 304 header and Etag for better client side image caching
  • [Core] support php's zip extension for installing extensions
  • [Core] added customizable maintenance smarty template
  • [Core] added hidden parameter to {last_created_items}
  • [Core] using latest jQuery and jQuery UI versions
  • [Editor] using FCKeditor 2.6.5
  • [Editor] Improved ImageBrowser UI + Upload (no name required)
  • [Editor] Translated Upload in Link-/FileBrowser
  • [Admin] new jQuery UI theme, improved tab management
  • [Admin] merged Credits, License and Feedback into a single menu
  • [Smarty] link_item_languages has new default parameter
  • [Installer] Added portuguese to pre-installer [Forum]



  • [Core] Toolportlet "Home" points to wrong language [SF Bug 2697476]
  • [Core] added API and wrapper method for simple object permission check, e.g.: 
    has_item_permission(1, -1, 'w')
  • [Core] fixed AJAX vaildation and security issue
  • [Core] fixed error log entry in Hooks, added static keyword
  • [Core] install file restructuring and new build task for APS compatibility
  • [Admin] fixed configuration field for string values (single and double quotes broke input field)
  • [Admin] fixed error message on unset feeds (available through config option)
  • [Admin] fixed some missing translations
  • [Admin] CSS News Box paßt nicht zur Administration [SF Bug 2172663]
  • [Core] Fixed SQL Injection [News, SF Bug 2779822]
  • [Editor] Removed all keybindings from markItUp editor sets [Forum]
  • [Core] fixed problem with refreshing history versions [Forum]

Feature Requests

  • [Auth] Welcome email after self-registration is translateable via .properties files
  • [Admin] Menu admin shows pages in wrong language [SF Feature 2009098]
  • [Comments] Send comment in info email [SF Feature 2444704]
  • [Login] Select language in Auth-Login [Forum]


  • [Install] Pre-Installer now available in 4 languages (German, English, Finnish, Swedish)
  • [Template] increased default template width to 800px
  • [Core] replaced usage of global variables for directories by constants for security reasons
  • [Core] additional actions and filters, for example page_header and metatags_more
  • [Core] Admin plugins need to be stored directly within /system/admin/plugins/ - @developer: check your plugins for compatibility!
  • [Admin] worked on overall styles, improved buttons and table design



  • Fixed stripslashes problem when saving module content
  •  Disabled tabs in user administration [SF Bug 2687007]

Feature Requests

  • Printer friendly version of pages [SF Feature 1984503]


  • New Language: Finnish - thanks Jenkky!
  • Made email adress for admin feedback panel configurable
  • Show error instead success when modul could not be saved

[2.5 RC 4]


  • neue Seite -> per default versteckt [SF Bug 2033910]
  • fixd exploitable REDIRECT_URL in auth framework

Feature Requests

  • Increase field size of input type=file [SF Feature 2624284]
  • SEO: Meta <title> configurable for each page [SF Feature 2603836]
  • SEO: Meta <robots> configurable for each page [SF Feature 2603834, 2589046, 2596412]
  • SEO: Sitemap for hidden subtrees [SF Feature 2603845, 2005441]


  • Added Plugin Framework with new directory /plugins/ and action/filter system
  • Added some Core events to hook on
  • Improved usability of admin boxes, especially menu attributes and creation dialogs
  • Added "Latest incoming links" feed to admin dashboard, Ajax loading of uncached feeds
  • Improvements for Admin Header Template

[2.5 RC 3]


  • [Core] Missing include in Imagebrowser popup
  • [Core] Missing configuration for search/minimum.word.length
  • [Core] Improved Community-URL mapping (re-added sub domain support and deep path mapping)
  • [Core] Added backward compatibility for module translations
  • [Core] changed logging - errors are always logged, log level config only describes details for lower levels
  • [Core] Error message when community not found (2.5RC1) [SF Bug 2094747]
  • [Core] smarty tag {navigation} used global object MenuService, which failed in some situations
  • [Core] Event dispatcher does not work [SF Bug 2157277]
  • [Admin] Fixed JS problem in Community Deinstall
  • [Admin] fixed translation problem in "Create menu" screen
  • [Admin] Falsche Übersetzung beim löschen Historischer Versionen [SF Bug 2172586]
  • [Admin] fixed jquery.pack.js not found
  • [Admin] fixed missing mimetypes icons for UPPERCASE filenames
  • [Admin] Datei -> Sprachversion anlegen -> ohne Dateiendung [SF Bug 2033924]
  • [Admin] Logout instead of Login with missing permission [SF Bug 1985697]
  • [Editor] Editor -> Server durchsuchen -> ERR im Logfile [SF Bug 2033876]
  • [Installer] stop installation & show error if critical component (like mysql extension) is missing (thanks Markus!)
  • [Installer] fixed problem with .htaccess files [SF Bug 2037605]
  • [Modul] 2.5 RC3 - Securimage doe not work [SF Bug 2174630]

Feature Requests

  • [Core] Send event when item is deleted [SF Feature 2157291]
  • [Core] Delete multiple files at once [SF Feature 2187499]
  • [Admin] Add Mass Update to Menu administration [SF Feature 1340425]
  • [Admin] Comment moderation [SF Feature 2055974]


  • [Core] support for uploading images in menu tree [see SF 2172608]
  • [Core] added first audit messages: authentication, search, login, logout
  • [Core] cleaned exception messages
  • [Admin] Import files from URLs (is supported by server)
  • [Admin] update permissions for multiple images/files
  • [Admin] improved permission dialog usability
  • [Admin] added order, orderby, sorting for images and files
  • [Admin] small facelift for form elements (including new icons)
  • [Admin] Improved handling when managing thousands of images/files
  • [Admin] Logging: Choose namespace, keep values during page switch using javascript
  • [Installer] Translated Pre-Installer to German and Swedish
  • [Installer] Added swedish translation
  • [Installer] changed layout for more usability
  • [Installer] new success screen after installation

[2.5 RC 2]


  • [Search] Proper UTF-8 encoding for displaying results
  • [Core] Removed leading whitespace in Smarty Templates
  • [Core] No statistic data was logged/Statistik -> Log Devion by null [SF Bug 2033920]
  • [Core] Cache entries are not deleted when item is removed [SF Bug 2120907]
  • [Core] Never use ID again after deletion [SF Bug 1753967]
  • [Core] neue Sprachversion anlegen -> Eindeutige URL nicht korrekt [SF Bug 2033912]
  • [Core] Eindeutige URL ändern -1 am Ende [SF Bug 2037568]
  • [Core] IIS Problem [SF Bug 2045611]
  • [Install] missing directory permission checks in installer [SF Bug 2037599]
  • [Admin] Missing icon in "move page" popup [SF Bug 2037578]
  • [Admin] Download images as ZIP [SF Bug 2037423]
  • [Admin] Several entity problems because of to UTF-8 switch [SF Bug 2033914, 2037413, 2037408]
  • [Admin] Lange Fehlertexte zerschiessen das Design [SF Bug 2033881]
  • [Admin] Page could not be assigned to a workflow
  • [Admin] Wrong smarty URLs with deactivated Smarty [SF Bug 1999645]
  • [Admin] Save items with empty name [SF Bug 1878421]
  • [Editor] fehlende Übersetzung bei Statusmeldungen [SF Bug 2033885]
  • [Editor] internen Link setzen Wortwahl[SF Bug 2033891]
  • [Editor] Verlinken auf Versteckte Seiten [SF Bug 2037410]

Feature Requests

  • [Core] German "Umlaute" in unique URLs [SF Feature 1973397]


  • [Admin] Improved "Create page dialog" (added content editor, unique url field...)
  • [Admin] Admin feature: Create modules + module editor
  • [Admin] Search menus, images and files by id, name, description, catchwords & content
  • [Admin] remote bigace news in admin dashboard
  • [Core] rewritten init process + configs
  • [Core] fixed and enhanced hidden footer
  • [Installer] easified installer (again less clicks required!)

Special thanks to Swen Wendler for testing and all the valueable feedback!

[2.5 RC 1]


  • [Editor] fixed link dialog in FCKeditor
  • [Editor] do not ask for save after switching language but without changes
  • [Core] fixed Statistic writing and calculation (date column wasn't logged, but promise: you lost no data!)
  • [Core] fixed problem with linebreaks in Modul admin
  • [Core] last_edited_items where fetched as first_edited_items at least in the LastEditemItems-Portlet
  • [Core] fixed Item to work with null values in int fields
  • [Core] fixed SQL Engine working with int values
  • [Core] fixed QuickSearchPortlet to work with new Search Application
  • [Core] fixed several security issues [News]
  • [Core] Creating a new group permission failed
  • [Installer] fixed blocker bug with MySQL setting STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
  • [Admin] Missing translation file [SF Bug 1878422]
  • [Admin] Favicon missing in Admin Load Screen [SF Bug 1991298]
  • [Admin] fixed wrong path to javascript in admin header template
  • [Admin] fixed stripslashes in Maintenance mode
  • [Admin] Unique URL changes on update [SF Bug 1980957]
  • [Admin] Values are gone when creating Menu under wrong parent [SF Bug 1718119]
  • [Admin] fixed Content-type header problem
  • [Admin] Setting a Usergroup in configuration panel failed
  • [Admin] remove Community might use wrong Community ID

Feature Requests

  • [Core] Configurable Sitename {sitename} [SF Feature 1921781]
  • [Core] Use UTF-8 codepage [SF Feature 1511157]
  • [Admin] Upload a file without entering a name [SF Feature 1935576]
  • [Admin] Delete install files from administration[SF Feature 1884622]
  • [Admin] Add the UniqueURL to the Item Info Popup [SF Feature 1884620]
  • [Installer] checking installation - yellow light [SF Feature 1935601]


  • [Admin] Added markItUp! Editor for Stylesheet/Template editing
  • [Admin] do not load menuTree Plugin dynamic (translation error)
  • [Admin] moved Extension Plugin to Extension folder
  • [Admin] use markItUp Editor for Maintenance mode
  • [Admin] integrated JQuery, JQuery UI and several plugins
  • [Admin] removed WebFX TabPane/SortableTable dependencies (Apache License)
  • [Core] Multiple contents for every page
  • [Core] LDAP Authenticator
  • [Core] added SSL support
  • [Core] minimum word length for search index is configurable
  • [Core] add interface for using different captcha methods
  • [Core] Session_ID in der URL [SF Feature 1912059]
  • [Core] Added Event System, for broadcasting messages throughout registered listener
  • [Core] Fixed problems with setlocale()
  • [Core] Use Unique URLs: after language switch, login, logout, {breadcrumb}
  • [Core] configurable delimiter in Unique URLs, instead of hardcoded "_"
  • [Core] configurable unique url extension for menu/image/file
  • [Core] do not forward to top level when entered via /index.php but display top level instead
  • [Core] NavigationPortlet with changed/new configs
  • [Core] Captcha Framework for pluggable Captchas
  • [Modul] Updated: Fotogallery, Guestbook, Sitemap 2, IFrame, Submenu Preview, Contact Mail, News
  • [Smarty] New Templates: Fashionista, Technobabble, Andreas02
  • [Extension] New Comments Extension for a "blog like" comment function and "feeling"
  • [Extension] new captcha solution: Securimage
  • [Translation] Editor package added
  • [Translation] new Translation package for Swedish (thanks to Dragonslayer!)
  • [Editor] usability improvements, added JGrowl for feedback messages



  • [Installer] Installation stops after extracting files [SF Bug 1788095]
  • [Core] Endless loop in SQL Statement [SF Bug 1804798]
  • [Core] Show Modul Name if translation is missing [SF Bug 1773748]
  • [Core] Error 403 - bad wording (anonymous) [SF Bug 1772555]
  • [Core] Activation fails [SF Bug 1880340]
  • [Core] Activation Email subject [SF Bug 1880326]
  • [Admin] Standard theme: added missing extensions icon
  • [Admin] Missing translations for user admin
  • [Admin] missing translation - link item category [SF Bug 1753045]
  • [Admin] Preview Button does not work [SF Bug 1878419]
  • [Editor] FCKeditor -> verstekcte Seiten werden nicht angezeigt [SF Bug 1806182]
  • [Editor] Missing feedback if session timed out [SF Bug 1750883]

Feature Requests

  • [Installer] Auto redirect after successful pre-install [SF 1747854]
  • [Editor] Loosing changes on language switch [SF Feature 1753968]
  • [Editor] Manual Links within the Editor Framework [SF Feature 1770670]
  • [Editor] Translation Screen for Editor [SF Feature 1744465]
  • [Admin] Remote lookup for available extensions (via SOAP) [SF Feature 1452039]
  • [Admin] Create new user with multiple group assignments
  • [Admin] Seitenadministration -> Rechte in der Navigation [SF Feature 1606111]
  • [Search] Suche in die HP einbinden [SF Feature 1895695]


  • [Installer] Changed all over design and simplified checkup screen
  • [Core] Support real SEO friendly URLs (like
  • [Core] Cron Jobs including an Administration Screen for test execution
  • [Core] User attribute Email
  • [Admin] Standard theme: added credits [SF Feature 1750462]
  • [Admin] Group Configurations by Package
  • [Admin] New Menu Attributes Layout, including more information and tools
  • [Admin] Choose one editor of all available
  • [Admin] File Mass-Upload [SF Feature 1885198]
  • [Smarty] new TAG {modul_check} to check if a given modul is installed
  • [Smarty] new TAG {last_created_items} to fetch lasted created items
  • [Smarty] new TAG {last_edited_items} to fetch lastest edited items [SF Feature 1744919]
  • [Smarty] new TAG {stylesheet} to fetch a Smarty Stylesheet ot its URL
  • [Smarty] new TAG {user} to fetch a User or its Username



  • [Admin] CategoryCreate - translation missing [SF Bug 1749920]
  • [Admin] Choosing no Log message to delete causes sql error [SF Bug 1750459]
  • [Admin] System Templates choosable for Designs [SF Bug 1744908]
  • [Admin] german words in english design mask [SF Bug 1753052]
  • [Admin] Submitting Media Upload without File [SF Bug 1753031]
  • [Admin] Linked categories on media upload are lost [SF Bug 1753032]
  • [Login] Self registration in IE7 fails, javascript Bug [SF Bug 1753963]
  • [Login] Error messages in self registration [SF Bug 1753964]
  • [Admin] Template Editor interprets HTML entities [SF Bug 1755181]
  • [Admin] CSS broken on sort Stylesheet Table [SF Bug 1755187]
  • [Admin] CSS broken on sort Template Table [SF Bug 1755185]
  • [Editor] Javascript buggy in IE7 [SF Bug 1748002]
  • [Admin] TOP LEVEL Menu can be cut and pasted [SF Bug 1753965]
  • [Admin] Missing image - Extensions table [SF Bug 1751303]
  • [Smarty] BLIX design in IE7: search form broken [SF Bug 1753961]
  • [Admin] Seitenadministration öffnen -> Seite wird nicht vollständig [SF Bug 1684676]
  • [Admin] Unnötige Scrollbalken in der Administration [SF Bug 1684679]
  • [Editor] Editor does not save when included in a frameset [SF Bug 1757004]
  • [Admin] Workflow could not be processed, Template error - missing include
  • [Editor] Workflow Content is not loaded in Editor [SF Bug 1714652]

Feature Requests

  • [Admin] Delete all Log messages [SF Feature 1750460]


  • [Admin] improved menu adminstration. increased usability and accessibility.
  • [Editor] new editor framework allowing easy editor changes in future versions
  • [Admin] Improved design administration
  • [Admin] no auto redirect from welcome screen with deactivated javascript
  • [Smarty] optimized prefix and suffix support for {breadcrumb}
  • [Smarty] optimized prefix and suffix support for {navigation}



  • [Installation] Pre-Installer crashes with less than 12M PHP memory [SF Bug 1744462]
  • [Admin] fixed welcome screen for use in IE7
  • [Admin] fixed Smarty error in Extensions Screen
  • [Admin] fixed refresh problem in Group Permission Screen
  • [Modul] Guestbook Plugin does not work [SF Bug 1750054]
  • [Modul] Simple Sitemap does not work [SF Bug 1750094]

Feature Requests

  • [Template] Beautify Submenu Preview for default templates [SF Feature 1744855]


  • [Modul] added Styles for SubmenuPreview in default Template
  • [Smarty] new TAG {skype_online}
  • [Smarty] new TAG {load_item_childs}

[2.2 Beta]


  • [Core] fixed rewrite problem if BIGACE was installed in a path like http://localhost/bigace/
  • [Core] User Group mapping exists after user is deleted [SF Bug 1718940]
  • [Core] Fixed require problem if wrong application name was submitted
  • [Admin] Tabs are to short for long menu names [SF Bug 1726999]
  • [Core] Fixed upgrade Script, installation of new Communitys failed in upgraded Systems.
    Quickfix: manually delete the files
  • fixed SubmenuPreview Modul for use with Smarty
  • fixed Sitemap2 Modul for use with Smarty (thanks simi)


  • [Admin] new Group Permission Plugin (replaces 4 old functional right Plugins)
  • [Admin] add new Updates by uploading ZIPs via Administration
  • [Admin] merged Category/Image/File Plugins into new Mediamanager folder for usability reasons
  • [Admin] enhanced Plugin-Framework for easier (future) development
  • [Core] backend method to find user by attributes
  • [Core] added method for form-based user self-registration
    • turn on/off via admin configurations
    • customizable via templates
    • activate accounts via email
    • captcha image for spam protection
  • improved BIGACE mini logo
  • [Smarty] new TAG {breadcrumb}
  • [Smarty] new TAG {bigace_copyright}



  • [Editor] hidden Menus could not be linked
  • [Admin] Module nicht alphabetisch sortiert [SF Bug 1684711]
  • [Admin] Menu could not be deleted/moved - misspelled AJAX Object [SF Bug 1704786]
  • [Admin] Abmelden und dann Login in der Administration [SF Bug 1684689]
  • [Admin] Upgrage -> Konfiguration kann nicht aufgerufen werden [SF Bug 1684705]
  • [Admin] Community Einstellungen -> Alias hinzufügen [SF Bug 1684713]
  • [Admin] Konfiguration -> menu_id setzen [SF Bug 1684698]
  • [Core] problematic endless loop in DBLogger if statement failed

Feature Requests

  • [Core] added Smarty support for easy template customization
  • [Admin] added Template/Stylesheet/Design Manager
  • [Core] added Captcha Addon (b2evo) for mass-attack protection
  • [Admin] Add Config for MenuAdmin "focus on select/open on select" [SF Feature 1592177]
  • [Admin] Administration - Link Webseitenindex [SF Feature 1473091]


  • [Core] moved 3rd-Party Frameworks to new "addon/" Directory
  • [Core] Copyright Footer shows now correct years
  • [Core] 3rd-Party Addon version upgrade where possible (FCKeditor 2.4.2, Smarty 2.6.18, AdoDB 4.9.4)
  • [Admin] listing all used 3rd-Party Addons with Name, Version and link in Administration/Credits
  • [Admin] create new Configuration entry
  • [Modul] using new Captcha addon in Guestbook Modul



  • [Installer] added Safe mode compatibility [Forum Post]
  • [Core] added Logger compatibility for PHP Versions < 4.3
  • [Admin] open new Editor window for each item [Forum Post]

Featue Requests

  • Auslesen der Logfiles über die Administration [SF Feature 1663695]


  • [Core] Created an easy-to-use upgrade Script from a 2.0 Release Candidate
  • [Core] new consistent Layout througout all apps (Pre-Installer/Installer/Upgrade/Admin)
  • [Admin] Created a Class ModulSelect for easier re-usage through all Scripts
  • [Admin] new Design (sortable Table) for Image/File Administration
  • [Docu] extended BIGACE API, online at

[2.0 RC2]


  • [Admin] Administration -> Bilder upload [SF Bug 1606173]
  • [Admin] Administration -> Dateien upload [SF Bug 1606172]
  • [Admin] Menüverwaltung -> Administration -> Seite anlegen [SF Bug 1606101]
  • [Admin] Administration -> Übersicht der Bilder (Item Counter) [SF Bug 1606148]
  • [Admin] Menüverwaltung -> Administration -> löschen schlägt fehlt [SF Bug 1606094]
  • [Core] Fixed error message after successful login (environment dependend)
  • [Editor] Internal link Dialog did not work
  • [Editor] Saving failed sometimes when using the "Save before closing" Dialog

Feature Requests

  • [Admin] Benutzeradministration -> Anzeigen der Userid [SF Feature 1606155]
  • [Admin] Kategorienadministration -> Anzeige der Kategorien ID [SF Feature 1606157]
  • [Admin] Seitenadministration -> Sortierung der Module [SF Feature 1606105]
  • [Admin] Einheitliche Fehlerbehandlung [SF Feature 1606178]


  • [Admin] Added Demo Mode for Demo hosting environments
  • [Core] Added support for PNG Image upload
  • [Editor] Improved loading, saving and language switching
  • [Editor] fixed Layout scalability, improved statusbar

[2.0 RC1]


  • [Installer] Added check for GZ Support to Pre-Installer (thanks to Celebi Fikret from
  • [Installer] Do not show Error Message when Database already exists (thanks to Frank from
  • [Installer] Add right checks for .htacces Directorys [SF Bug 1596696]
  • [Installer] missing $LANG array within Global Namespace (the E phenonmenon) (thanks to Eduard from
  • [Core] Fixed Session "Language lost" problem for special PHP configuration (thanks to Swen from
  • [Core] Wrong error message "User is deactivated" instead of "DB not reachable" [SF Bug 1599006]
  • [Admin] Categorys could be moved under themselves
  • [Admin] Missing submit values in "Change right" Formular
  • [Admin] menu preview button appears without read rights [SF Bug 1591059]
  • [Admin] deleted menu but actions still visible [SF Bug 1591063]
  • [Admin] Can create Menu beneath Top Level without rights [SF Bug 1594908]
  • [Editor] Link Browser include path broken on Linux
  • [Portlet] Portlet Admin can write with missing page rights [SF Bug 1597291]

Feature Requests

  • [Core] missing write rights should result in a log message [SF Feature 1588001]
  • [Modul] Modul - Applikation (IFrame) [SF Feature 1471667]
  • [Installation] Check for existing database tables [SF Feature 1501161]


  • [Admin] Update Manager can fix file rights via FTP
  • [Admin] Modules can be de- / activated for each Community
  • [Core] new Modul Admin to set required Modul configuration (Project values) in a generic Mask
  • [Core] loadModul.php Include can now be called within a loop (e.g. to show several Pages modules at once)
  • [Core] added experimental DB Driver using the AdoDB Framework - only for developer currently(!)
  • [Core] beautfied the default error pages (db not available, no consumer installed)
  • [Core] simplified usage of the applications class, added right check for editor and portletadmin
  • [Modul] Guestbook: added configurable Attributes (Blacklist, Entrys per Page, Link display at top/bottom)
  • [Modul] Fotogallery: added configurable Attributes (Category, Thumbnail Size, display Description)
  • [Modul] Foto Album: added configurable Attributes (Category, Thumbnail Size, display Description)
  • [Modul] Contact Mail: using new Modul Configurator (Recipients, Answer Text)
  • [Editor] Using latest FCKeditor release 2.3.2
  • [Portlet] new Portlet "SkypeOnline" that displays the Skype Button for a User

[2.0 Beta]


  • [Admin] Dimension small - move page not accessible [SF Bug 1496405]
  • [Admin] Static Menus did not work with deleted Items
  • [Admin] Download several Items as ZIP with deactivated Javascript did not work
  • [Layout] Blix Design could not find imports on some PHP environments (thanks to Meredith from
  • [Editor] Image Browser Dialog include not found [SF Bug 1504151, 1516870]
  • [Editor] Reload Page in FCKeditor when default Editor was "Plaintext"
  • [Editor] Editor did not work properly with deactivated cookies (session lost in some dialogs)
  • [Editor] Right problems when editing Menus with running Workflows
  • [Installation] Welcome Page, link and image reference wrong [SF Bug 1504462]
  • [Core] Saving special Item Columns (not supported by Admin Forms) could fail
  • [Core] Fixed problems with single and double quotes in some formulars
  • [Core] ItemFutureService->hasFutureVersion() did not work
  • [Core] Not possible to change own Group rights if only Write rights are set
  • [Search] Search popup did not work in Mozilla
  • [Search] Images and Documents used wrong right check (user could see links to disallowed files)

Feature Requests

  • [Translation] Add Workflow Translation [SF Feature 1471416]
  • [Modul] Include System Infos in Mail [SF feature 1458705]
  • [Admin] versteckte Seiten in der Übersicht erkennen [SF Feature 1471616]
  • [Admin] Kompletten Teilbaum loeschen [SF Feature 1422209]
  • [Admin] Baumstruktur in Menu Administration [SF Feature 1365326]
  • [Core] Use UTF-8 codepage [SF Feature 1511157]
  • [Core] Add Flash / Multimedia support [SF Feature 1498797]
  • [Translation] Translate the Redirect Template [SF Feature 1511789]
  • [Modul] Show different content language if available [SF Feature 1516297]
  • [Editor] grouping in insert image dialog [SF Feature 1516875]


  • [Admin] Added Consumer Deinstallation Admin Plugin
  • [Admin] Added User-Group Admin Plugin (crate new Groups, see and change Group Member)
  • [Admin] Added Update check: All File rights have to fit before the Update can be executed
  • [Admin] New Admin Mask Look & Feel: More Icons and WebFX Sortable Table (thanks to
  • [Admin] Improved Item history screen and added "delete history version" link
  • [Admin] Create Page link in Menu administration for current Path
  • [Admin] Improved Statistics Index, fixed links on deactivated Rewrite Rule
  • [Admin] Unified feedback messages Design
  • [Admin] Improved User administration
  • [Core] User can be member of multiple User Groups
  • [Core] Portlets can now easily be defined for multi-columns (see example in Update BigaceDesign 2)
  • [Core] Added ServiceFactory for easy change of API implementation
  • [Core] Rewritten and simplified description of Functional Rights
  • [Core] rewritten Language and translation handling
  • [Core] Improved Session handling, added Security Fix for Session Hijacking
  • [Core] Added Caching for Language definitions
  • [Core] Added Applications Command for Scripts used by all Communitys (refactored CMD Templates)
  • [Editor] Improved feedback for Workflow Items
  • [Editor] Unified Editor saving for all available Editors
  • [Layout] Edit settings of Blix Layout with Admin System Configurations
  • [Installation] Improved .htaccess Support (thanks to Holger from
  • [Translation] translated Statistics Start Page
  • [Translation] translated Upadte messages
  • [Translation] moved Admin Translations to general Translation directory
  • [Translation] added Translations for applications class
  • [Translation] Portlets and Portlet Administration
  • [Docu] New User and Developer Documentation in Docbook Format
  • [Search] Improved Search Formular design
  • [Search] Added search capability for Images and Documents (search for name, description and catchword)
  • [Search] added Javascript and Server check for Searchterm length
  • [Search] improved filtering of indexed content

[1.9 Alpha]

Feature Requests
  • [Core] Create Consumer outside Installer Console [SF Feature 1497180]
  • [Admin] URL und Consumer(-administration) [SF Feature 1469158]
  • [Portlet] Portlet - Menu [SF Feature 1472771]
  • [Update] Add Readme to Admin Style Updates [SF Feature 1474393]
  • [Update] Blix Layout - Language switching [SF Feature 1483313]
  • [Translation] Add Language Translation [SF Feature 1474373]
  • [Admin] Change Item Position works Language dependend [SF Bug 1476252]
  • [Admin] Seitenadministration - löschen von Sprachversion [SF Bug 1473088]
  • [Admin] Delete and move Page Dialog does not work (Javascript error) with MS IE [SF Bug 1490476]
  • [Modul] Design Blix - Modul Kontakt ist zu breit [SF Bug 1471620]
  • [Installation] Not possible to install with empty db password [SF Bug 1495018]
  • [Installation] Consumer INI entry is created before real install performed [SF Bug 1466276]
  • [Installation] Install with PHP 4 fails [SF Bug 1494225, Forum Posting]
  • [Layout] Fixed Blix design problems with too many first level menus
  • Rewritten and simplified the entire Installation process.
    A Step-by-Step Installation (Welcome, License, Core install, Consumer install) is now to be followed.
  • Added a Pre-Installer. Upload only two files, and the installer extracts the File Structure, no longer required to copy hundreds of  Files via FTP!
  • Added Consumer(Community) installation to Administration Console
  • calculate - md5() - Community Admin Password in PHP, not in SQL any more, closed possible security hole
  • removed Admin Layout from Consumer, this is a global thing and NOT Consumer specific
  • added indepenend Admin Language for easier Language switching
  • added Administration Header Frame for permanent information
  • improved Manual Plugin, addedTopics chooser
  • added Consumer handling (Maintenance and Consumer-Domain Mapping) to Administration Console
  • added Consumer Maintenance feature to Core system (switch off Website for a short period and leave a notice about that)
  • added Default Consumer handling (not registered Mappings will be routed to the default Consumer)
  • added hint for "delete installation directory" to Admin Index
  • added Hints/Tips Admin Plugin where results of several important System checks will be shown


Feature Requests
  • [Admin] Group Updates by types [SF Feature 1466282]
  • [Admin] Modules list should be moved in Admin area [SF Feature 1451151]
  • [Admin] linked icons in admin menu [SF Feature 1448715]
  • [Admin] Administrationsmenue vereinheitlichen [SF Feature 1422215]
  • [Admin] Object Information Template with more values [SF Feature 1429883]
  • [Admin] Protect Sourcecode Editor by Functional right [SF Feature 1463016]
  • [Admin] Add Confirm when deleting language version [SF Feature 1471230, 1471610]
  • [Admin] Portletadministration aus der Seitenadministration aufrufen [SF Feature 1471617]
  • [Admin] Show Update-Readme before Update is performed [SF Feature 1473527]
  • [Core] New Default Layout [SF Feature 1464962]
  • [Core] Image command should resize on width OR height [SF Feature 1454039]
  • [Core] Seiten im Menue ausblenden [SF Feature 1422205]
  • [Translation] Added english modul translations [SF Feature 1458847, 1458845, 1458840]
  • [Editor] Fright dependent Editor functions [SF Feature 1331337]
  • [Editor] Protect Editor Upload Dialog [SF Feature 1459864]
  • [Install] Add support for sub-directory installation [SF Feature 1460007]
  • [Install] Welcome TOP-LEVEL in English [SF Feature 1430591]
  • [Modul] All modules should be made Updates [SF Features 1465962]
  • [Modul] Feedback Modul should not display until configured [SF Feature 1458708]
  • [Modul] UPDATE - Fotoalbum shows List even if not configured [SF Feature 1467373]
  • [Modul] UPDATE - Guestbook has no english teaser [SF Feature 1467362]
  • [Portlet] Portlet - Login [SF Feature 1471612]
  • [Portlet] Portlet - nur für angemeldete User sichtbar [SF Feature 1471614]
  • Added Portlet support and some Portlets for the new default Layout
  • Redesigned the Item Administration Mask (especially Menus) for higher usability
  • Module Updates install Functional rights, but do not assign them automatically
  • Refactored the Function Right Backend for easier Upgrade reason
  • [Admin] User change does not work [SF Bug 1465384]
  • [Admin] Seiten Administration - Link zur Portletadministration [SF Bug 1473084]
  • [Admin] Upload von bilder - doppelte Fehlermeldung [SF Bug 1473104]
  • [Admin] Upload von Dateien - doppelte Fehlermeldung [SF Bug 1473103]
  • [Core] ItemService LastEditedItems uses wrong order by column [SF Bug 1465387]
  • [Core] login.php does not work without ModRewrite [SF Bug 1460229]
  • [Install] Mod Rewrite deactivated - htaccess files are deployed [SF Bug 1459860]
  • [Translation] Install translation names config.consumer.php [SF Bug 1464969]
  • [Modul] UPDATE - RSS Reader INI File has invalid character [SF Bug 1467360]
  • [Modul] UPDATE - RSS Reader HTML Problems TD vs. TH [SF Bug 1467361]
  • [Modul] Tip-of-the-Day Endless loop if not tip is avilable [SF Bug 1467856]
  • [Modul] Kontakt - Fehler beim Aufruf [SF Bug 1471622]


Feature Requests
  • [Installation] All Items should initially become the current Timestamp [SF Feature 1432033]
  • [Admin] Anmelden über die URL [SF Feature 1422201]
  • [Admin] Make max upload size dynamic [SF Feature 1441311]
  • [Admin] default admin style selection [SF Feature 1448713]
  • [Core] update permission support - cid dependent templates [SF Feature 1447403]
  • [Admin] db export should exclude statistics on demand [SF Feature 1451144]
  • [Admin] usability of right administration mask [SF Feature 1451150]
  • [Admin] DB Export fails - undefined constant [SF Bug 1432171]
  • [Admin] default admin style causes errors [SF Bug 1447400]
  • [Admin] broken link in admin mask [SF Bug 1447409]
  • [Core] Cannot redeclare class invalidargumentexception [SF Bug 1444392]
  • [Admin] Statistics display engine [SF Bug 1451137]


Feature Requests
  • [Core] Added configurable extended footer [SF Feature 1422230]
  • [Core] Link to login with redirect URL or ItemID/Command [SF Feature 1352934]
  • [Admin] Increased "amount of Items per Page" Steps [SF Feature 1422212]
  • [Admin] Added mimetype images for Image/File administration
  • [Admin] Doppelte Abfrage beim loeschen [SF Feature 1428285]
  • [Installer] Choose whether Statistics should be activated in Installer [SF Feature 1429870]
  • [Modul] Added full language support to the Sitemap Modul
  • [Design] Changed several default images (like Admin, Search, Editor)
  • [Admin] configurable support for smaller graphic resolutions (down to 800*600) pixel for Item/Menu Admin Screen [SF Feature 1430170]
  • [Admin] Seite löschen ohne Funktion [SF BUG 1424990]
  • [Editor] Fehlermeldung im FCKeditor - Server durchsuchen [SF BUG 1422199]
  • [Core] Startet nicht ohne apache_reuqest_headers() [SF BUG 1429868]


Feature Requests
  • [Admin] Add Pages with delimited Items to Item Administration Screen [SF Feature 1357193]
  • [Admin] Added Feedback Admin Plugin [SF Feature 1383860]
  • [Editor] Added new Link and Image Dialog to the FCKEditor implementation, including an upload Dialog for Images and Documents [SF Feature 1338467]
  • [Core] Make Catchword editable [SF Feature 1358923]
  • [Admin] Download several Items as ZIP [SF Feature 1324553]
  • [Admin] Added Eye Catcher to view the Statistics within a Flash Movie
  • [Core] Recover historical Item versions [SF Feature 1324843]
  • [Core] Workflow Support for Content editing (Implemented: No Workkflow, Publishing Workflow, Single Review)
  • Made BIGACE compatible with PHP 5
  • [Editor] Upgraded to FCKeditor 2.2
  • [Core] added DB Configurations and Admin Plugin, to be able to change Consumer settings via Administration (no Config Files anymore!)
  • [Core] Rewritten the entire Exception Handling. Customizable Error Screens for both Consumer and Admin Styles
  • [Installer] Improved Look & Feel
  • [Admin] added Update Plugin (refactored from Installer, to be useable by a single Consumer!)
  • [Admin] User can change their Username [SF BUG 1420592]
  • [Admin] User can deactivate himself [SF BUG 1420085]
  • [Admin] Error deleting Menu [SF BUG 1396293]
  • [Admin] Image missing [SF BUG 1368888]
  • [Search] Suche ohne Funktion [SF BUG 1362856]
  • [Editor] JS Error closing FCKeditor in Mozilla [SF BUG 1362272]
  • [Core] BIGACE does not work without MOD_REWRITE [SF BUG 1325597]
  • [Admin] Statistics do not work - SQL Problems [SF BUG 1370085]
  • [Installer] Installation is allowed for not writeable Config Files [SF BUG 1346909]

[Version 1.7.2]

Feature (Requests)
  • Moved to CVS for better support of distributed development!
  • [Editor] Updated to FCKEditor 2.1.1
  • [Admin] Added new Theme: CrystalClear (available as Update)
  • [Admin] Added new Theme: famfamfam (available as Update)
  • [Admin] Translate Admin Plugin FrightCreate [SF Feature 1348014]
  • [Admin] Show feedback after fright creation [SF Feature 1336745]
  • [Admin] Show feedback after user creation [SF Feature 1346384]
  • [Editor] Design specific css [SF Feature 1331365]
  • [Installer] Translate Pre-Check [SF Feature 1346901]
  • [Installer] Reload Button in Pre-Check [SF Feature 1346900]
  • [Installer] Choose (default) settings for Consumer Installation [SF Feature 1314736]
  • [Installer] DB Table Prefix [SF Feature 1336348]
  • Improved PHPDoc for the Applications Class [SF Feature 1339192]
  • Added ANT build.xml for adding some standards, like creation of the Release ZIP or deploying to a local test installation.
  • [Admin] Changed the Default Theme Icons
  • [Core] Refactored Language Handling. Using INI Files and locales, instead of DB entrys and IDs.
  • [Core] Missing Layout results in "File not found" error [SF BUG 1340419]
  • [Admin] Creation of Frights with empty name is possible [SF BUG 1346372]
  • [Search] Search ignores result settings [SF BUG 1339226]
  • [Installer] Installation for consumer handles wrong file rights incorrect [SF Bug 1325523]
  • [Editor] Editor gibt positives feedback trotz fehler beim speichern [SF Bug 1329308]
  • [Editor] Editor Image Chooser shows always German names [SF Bug 1314921]
  • [Search] Search finds results in multiple languages [SF Bug 1322115]

[Version 1.7.1]

Feature Requests
  • [Core] Added support for multiple Editors
  • [Editor] Added self-implemented HTML Plain Text Editor
  • [Admin] Added Plugin for Credits with easy extension function by adding Ini Files [SF Feature 1315594]
  • [Admin] Do not show TOP LEVEL for Images/Files [SF Feature 1323752]
  • [Installer] Installation Pre-Check doesn't check all required directorys [SF Feature 1323752]
  • [Installer] Added multi-language Support for Installation process (started with English translation)
  • [Editor] Updated FCKEditor to next Release 2.1
  • [Admin] Do not show Select Box when only one Layout is available [SF Feature 1323606]
  • [Admin] Improved Administration Templates, changed Colors and some Images of Winxp Style
  • [Core] Security Issue: Login redirects with ALL Request Parameter - extracting all System Parameter, Username and Password now!
  • [Core] Default Session Lifetime too short [SF Bug 1323801]
  • [Core] Opening FCKEditor with disabled Cookies kills the Session [SF Bug 1323801]
  • [Installer] Created directorys from installer have wrong rights [SF Bug 1323801]


  • With the release of BIGACE 1.7 the project migrated to for a better development process.

[Version 1.7]

Feature Requests
  • [Editor] Link Dialog should display Scrollbars on long Item Lists
  • Install] added GPL as confirmation Dialog at the beginning
  • [Admin] Main Page display a Teaser like Menu for Admin Plugins
  • [Admin]  New Plugin displaying the GNU GPL License
  • [Admin] better support for deactivated Javascript
  • [Admin] Worked on automatic Item Positions when creating new Items, removed input field for manuel change
  • [Install] Updates will be listed with Versions and Descriptions from Ini Files when valid
  • [Install] Problems with "Create Table Default '0' auto_increment" with some MySQL Versions
  • [Install] not declared Constants in Installer
  • [Core] Installation within Subdirectorys did not work

[Version 1.7 FC]

  • [Feature-Request] Administration öffnet in neuem Fenster (Swen Wendler)
  • [Feature-Request] neuer Fehler für anonyme User, Link to Login (Swen Wendler)
  • [CHANGE] Statistiken loggen nicht mehr gesamte URL, dafür dedizierte Werte für spätere Auswertungen
  • [CHANGE] Sprachen werden in umgekehrter Reihenfolge gelesen
  • [BUG] Im Installer wurden fehlerhafte SQL Anweisungen nicht korrekt erkannt
  • [BUG] Probleme beim Parsen von Ini Dateien unter bestimmten PHP Versionen gefixt (EOF in neuer Zeile anstatt in letzter)
  • [BUG] weitere "open_basedir restriction in effect" gefixt
  • [BUG] leeres Administrations Plugin entfernt (CVS Problem)
  • [BUG] Suche wirft Fehler bei Suche nach \ bzw. \\
  • [BUG] falsche Includes in Admin-Statistik Plugin
  • [BUG] Probleme bei Updates unter Linux (Verzeichnissnamenvergleich schlägt fehl)
  • [BUG] fehlender Titel in Feedback nach "Create User" in Administration Plugin
  • Logging API komplett überarbeitet: Alle Script Fehler werden jetzt geloggt, anstatt im Webserver Error Log zu landen
  • neues Update BIGACE-DESIGN2 hinzugefügt
  • neues Design für das Login Template
  • komplett überarbeitete Installations Konsole
  • neues Design
  • neue Mouse Over Hilfe Texte
  • Vorab System Check

[Version 1.7 RC3]

  • [BUG] Probleme beim Erstellen von Sprachversionen von Bildern und Dateien
  • [BUG] Image und File Command waren nicht mehrsprachfähig
  • [BUG] beim löschen von Items lädt die Administration bis zum Script Timeout recursiv Items
  • [BUG] fehlgeschlagener Email Versand schlägt zum Enduser durch
  • [BUG] "open_basedir restriction in effect" gefixt
  • [BUG] Fehlendes Cache Expire nach Upload
  • [BUG] Last-edited-Items Rechte für explizites Itemright
  • [BUG] Ausrechnung der Browser Statistiken
  • [BUG] Parsing von Files beim erstellen von Consumern funktioniert nicht
  • Komplette Umstellung der Versionierung (inkl. neuer API)
    • Änderungen an DB Objekten werden historisch versioniert
    • Änderungen des Contents wird inklusive des DB Objekts versioniert
    • Löschung einzelner historischer Versionen möglich
  • Projektfelder als eigene Tabellen umgesetzt, Tabellendesign komplett überarbeitet
    • gesetzte Projektfelder für aktuelles Item anzeigen
  • Administration umgebaut, Oberflächen komplett modular und als Plugins realisiert
  • Gästebuch Administration und Benutzer Frontend getrennt, Administration als Plugin umgesetzt
  • Tip of the Day als Modul realisiert, Administration als Plugin umgesetzt
  • Statistiken für jegliche Command Aufrufe eingebaut, rudimentäre Auswertungen möglich
  • HTML Templates eingeführt und Nutzung für einige administrative Oberflächen
  • Erweitertes Fright Caching
  • Einführung von DBWrapper Klassen zur Senkung der DB Zugriffe bei Enumeration Aufrufen
  • Update auf FCKEditor 2.0 (Mozilla fähig!)
    • dadurch bedingter Wegfall des HTML Editor Applets
    • saubere Integration ins System, problemlose Updates möglich
  • Erweiterung des DB Export
    • Importfähigkeit (Ersetzung des CID Flag)
    • Spaltennamen werden beim Insert hinzugefügt
    • Speicherung des Ergebnisses in Datei
  • Import / Export
    • Gruppen
    • Funktions Rechte
    • Zuordnung Gruppen Funktionsrechte
  • Neue Module hinzugefügt
    • RSS Reader
    • Tip des Tages
  • Erweiterung der Installationsroutinen
    • Updates haben neue Konfigurationsschnittstelle
    • Updates nutzen jetzt UpdateJob Klassen
    • Verzeichnisse für automtisch auszuführende SQL Skripte bei (De-)Installation von Consumern
    • Ignore Listen für Consumer Installationen (z.B. CVS Dateien)
  • Newsletter nicht mehr standardmäßig dabei, nur noch als Update verfügbar (da noch nicht fertig!)
  • Navigationsframe des WinXP Theme komplett neu gestaltet
  • Module sind jetzt als Plugin realisiert, was eine einfachere Wartung und Erweiterung zulässt
  • Inhalts Darstellung als Modul realisiert, Wegfall der Admin Entscheidung Content oder Modul

[Version 1.6]

  • Caching der Fright Ergebnisse
  • Konsequente Trennung System und Consumer Daten im Dateisystem (Vorbereitung für kompletten Export)
  • Datenbank Dump eines Consumers zur Administration hinzugefügt
  • alle Module überarbeitet, benötigte Ressourcen modular getrennt, Queranhängigkeiten elemeniert
  • SQL Skripte sind jetzt komplett aus dem PHP Code ausgelagert
  • Styling Idee weiter umgesetzt
  • Look & Feel der Bilder Auswahl im FCKeditor überarbeitet
  • Installation weiter aufgebohrt
    • weniger Clicks notwendig
    • einfachere Bedienbarkeit durch Wizard-ähnlche Oberflächen
    • Hinweistexte erweitert

[Version 1.5.1]

  • Redirect Template leitet nicht mehr auf http://domain/public/ um, Link muß jetzt vollständig hinterlegt werden
  • Menü spezifische Administration komplett in Item Administration Framework eingebaut, redundantes Menu Admin Include gelöscht
  • Style Support für Administration eingebaut (Standard Style und WinXP Style)
  • Suche markiert gefundenen Text ausgebaut, da hiermit HTML gesprengt werden konnte
  • Überflüssige Bilder gelöscht
  • Überflüssige Templates (CSS Design, LeftSidedMenu) gelöscht und für "Greentable" ein Update erstellt
  • Benennung vereinheitlicht
  • HTML Editor API gelöscht
  • alle Module und deren Grafikpfade angepasst
  • Fehlerseite überarbeitet

[Version 1.5]

  • Update Manager erstellt
  • Update auf FCKeditor 1.6
  • PopUp für Detail Informationen zu einem Item
  • diverse Backend Verbesserungen
  • Erweiterungen der Administration
    • Funktionsrechte nicht mehr editierbar (nicht benötigt!)
    • Look & Feel des Objekt Administration Dialog überarbeitet
  • Bugfixes
  • Neue PHPDocumentation erstellt ohne Source Code!

[Version 1.4.6]

  • Tiefgehende Updates der Administration
    • Objekt Administration Look & Feel verbessert
    • Objekt Administrations Dialoge stark erweitert
    • Source Code Editierung für Module & Menüs hinzugefügt
    • Oberflächen vereinigt und Sourcecode zusammengeführt
  • Überarbeitung der Item Klassen, Datenbankzugriffe halbiert!
    • ItemTreeWalker (Gibt direkt Items zurück anstatt diese zu instanziieren)
    • DBItem (Direktes Mapping von SQL Selects auf Items)
    • Item (Zählung der Kinder wird gecached)

[Version 1.4.5]

  • angepasst, nur noch eine Datenbankkonfiguration notwendig
  • Installationsprozess an neue Vorgaben angepasst
    • für Benutzer vereinfacht
    • Oberfläche vereinheitlicht
  • Copyright Footer für alle Standard Templates
  • Angabe für einfacheres Handling der Dateien im öffentlichen Bereich
  • Neue Item Konstanten eingeführt
  • Performanceverbesserungen durch Anpassung des MasterItemType
  • Umbenennung von "Template" in "Layout" für zukünftige HTML Templates
  • weitere SQL Skripte ausgelagert
  • Refactoring verschiedener Klassen
  • Mehrsprachigkeit der Standardlayouts erhöht
  • Editor Bug (Sprachwechsel beim Seitenladen) gefixt
  • Administration:
    • Designveränderungen
    • Benutzergruppen hinzugefügt
    • Funktionale Rechte für Benutzergruppen
    • Rechteadministrationsmasken für Benutzer vereinfacht und im Backend vereinheitlicht

[Version 1.4.2]

  • Konstanten Datei eingeführt für zukünftige Aufgaben
  • Überarbeitung von Standardskripten
  • Standard Templates mehrsprachfähig gemacht
  • Suche jetzt über DB Felder (Name,Description,Catchwords,Seiten Inhalte)
  • Installation einfacher und übersichtlicher gestaltet
  • Administration
    • neues Design
    • Frameset für Performance Erhöhung
    • Gleiche Skripte für alle Consumer
    • Benutzerfreundlichkeit erhöht
    • Objektadministration verändert
  • Integration meines Java HTML Editor Applets für alle Nutzer anderer Browser als IE
    • Anpassung für direkte Verfügbarkeit ohne Template Anpassungen
  • Erweiterung Menüobjekte: Jetzt mehrsprachige Seiten möglich.

[Version 1.4.1]

  • Administration
    • öffnet sich jetzt in neuem Fenster anstatt in einem Pop-Up
    • Menüs in Funktionalitäten unterteilt -> kleinere Skripte, logische Trennung
  • ItemAdminService - changeItem(): Speicherung des Namens nun ohne htmlentities().
  • Jetzt sind alle Sonderzeichen im Namen erlaubt.
  • Datenbankfelder der item_x Tabellen verändert. Namens Spalten sind jetzt varchar(255).
  • Session Management komplett überarbeitet
    • Sessions werden in der DB abgelegt
    • Session Speicherung unabhängig von _SESSION daher werden Zugriffe jetzt über "_BIGACE['SESSION']->setSessionVariable('Name', 'value')" geregelt

[Version 1.4]

  • Klassen Inline Dokumentation (DocBlock) hinzugefügt für phpDocumentor
  • Dokumentation mit Hilfe von phpDocumentor 1.3.0RC2 erstellt und bigace.ini Datei hinzugefügt
  • Dokumentation erstellt bzw. erweitert (README,CHANGELOG,LICENSE,FCKEDITOR)
  • Neue Layouts hinzugefügt
  • Neue Module hinzugefügt
  • Grundlegende Caching Funktionen eingebaut:
    • Neues Cache Verzeichnis (CID abhängig)
    • Library (CID unabhängig) für Dateisystem Caching entworfen
    • Image Command erweitert um dynamische Thumbnail Darstellung (inkl. Caching)
  • Neues Verzeichnis für SQL Skripte, die nun nicht mehr in Klassen liegen
  • Redesign der Administrationshilfe, Auslagerung in 'public' Ordner da dies nicht CID abhängig ist
  • Erweiterte Menüadministration:
    • Anzeige historischer Versionen, Möglichkeit diese wiederherzustellen
    • Auswahl der Elternseite über POP-UP möglich
    • Bei "Seite neu anlegen" werden Einstellungen der Elternseite angezeigt (Corporate Design!)
    • Sprachwahl (momentan nur Auswirkungen auf Standard Templates Encodierung und Editor)
  • Erweitere Objekt Administration:
  • -Löschen der historischen Versionen
    • "Schnellbuttons" zu Löschen/Rechte/Einstellungen in Übersicht (statt Radiobox)
    • Update jedes Objekts über HTTP Upload in Administration möglich
  • Komplettes Redesign der FCKEditor-Implementierung:
    • Alle Scripts werden über BIGACE Command gemappt
    • Session Unterstützung für externe Dialoge durch Anpassung der Standard Files
    • Sprachumschaltung bzw. Unterstützung für andere Menüsprachen (kyrillisch jetzt möglich)
    • Nachladen von Seiten ohne erneutes Laden des Editor

[Version 1.3.1]

  • Editiermöglichkeit für alle Objekt Projektfelder hinzugefügt
  • Administration wurde erweitert
  • Neues Layout hinzugefügt
  • Namensgebung vereinheitlicht
  • Sprachunterstützung erweitert
  • .htaccess in Systemordner hinzugefügt für mehr Sicherheit

[Version 1.3]

  • If the anonymous User requests a Menu without having the READ right, the Login Mask is shown. POST Parameter and the requested ID are saved.
  • Veraltete PHP Variablen ($HTTP_*) gegen neuen ($_POST...) ausgetauscht.
  • Datumsinformationen werden nun als Unix Timestamp gespeichert
  • Beim editieren des TOP LEVELS kam man zurück in ein nicht existentes Menü
  • Beim löschen eines Benutzers wurden die ihm zugeordneten Item Rechte nicht mit gelöscht
  • In der Menüadministration öffnete der Editor immer das TOP LEVEL
  • Neues Command hinzugefügt um die Sprache zu wechseln
  • Administration erweitert:
    • Hilfe Menü "?" enthält Untermenüs
    • System Informationen hinzugefügt
    • Nicht editierbare Item Informationen werden angezeigt

[Version 1.2]

  • Beim Neu Anlegen eines Menüs wurde die Description nicht mit gespeichert
  • Editor lädt sich beim Speichern neu