Here is a new version for you, including a security bugfix. I strongly recommend to upgrade your system.

Download file

Get the file from here: Download link expired!

The update is supported from 2.7.2 - 2.7.5: Get the file from here: Download link expired!

Migration Steps

This time you need to apply some manual changes to your system. Please read carefully and ask us if you need help!


You need to apply some manual changes to your database. Please execute the following SQL statements (for example with phpMyAdmin):


ALTER TABLE `cms_design_portlets` DROP INDEX `cms_mapping`;
ALTER TABLE `cms_design_portlets` DROP PRIMARY KEY, ADD PRIMARY KEY(`cid`, `design`, `name`);
ALTER TABLE `cms_design_portlets` ADD INDEX (`cid` , `design`) ;

Please note, that you might need to use another database prefix. I use "cms_" here, because its the Bigace default prefix. Either check your config file or ask your administrator if you are unsure.


If you see error log entry "Configuration could not be found. Package 'admin', Name 'check.csrf'", please follow this forum posting.

You need to create a new configuration entry, which was able to slip through the last versions upgrade process.


What happened in between:

  • See Jira fixed issues for 2.7.6
  • Improved {random_image} and added Parameter $amount
  • Fixed LinkHelper::itemUrl() call when parameter array was used
  • Added public/system/css/links.css to demonstrate how to auto-link download links
  • Image command now sents filename in header for client-side save dialogs
  • Fixed setlocale problem, which did not work on all server (see forum)
  • Improved GenericListing for easier usage (used by new SimpleAds and FAQ)
  • Moved russian translation to plugins, instead of keeping them in the russian language pack
  • Updated several plugins

Thanks to all of you for downloading Bigace 2.7.5 more than 3000 times! 

Oh, and this version is dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi, who is one of my favourite classic artist.