Here is a new version for you, including security updates. I strongly recommend to upgrade your system.

Download file

Get the file from here: Get the file from here: Download link expired!

The update is supported from 2.7.2 - 2.7.6: Get the file from here: Download link expired!

Upgrade process

The same old procedure like all the times before, described in our wiki ;-)

Special thanks

The  IT security specialists from found some XSS vulnerabilities in the login actions and search result pages. They sent me an email and gave me alot of time to fix the problems, before releasing the security advisory. Thanks for the co-operation research team, very professional and responsible announcing policy!


What happened in between:

  • Image dialog has no translations (see Jira ticket)
  • Some fixes in administration regarding wrong choosen language in menu tree and menu create dialog (Thanks to Oleg!)
  • Security fix in search and login

Thanks to all of you for downloading Bigace 2.7.7 - which is dedicated to Amy Winehouse.