Heyho, as you can see, the Bigace website is completely redesigned.  I planned that for a long time now, initially I wanted to release it at the same time as Bigace 3... but I needed to bring some new tools online before.

If you have a look through the site and find anything broken or a link that is wrong, please report it here as a comment!

My best wishes and a BIG THANK YOU fly out to Torsten Höltge for creating the initial design, visual elements and the new logo. Some more credits:

  1. Tango Icon Theme for providing a great set of free and scalable icons
  2. Google Webfonts for the nice typo

As you will find out, the forum has the same design as the website and is now hopefully better readable one large screens. I am pllaning to change the documentation theme as well, but that might need some more days.

And as the old structure was hard to maintain, I integrated the developer website and all the tools here, check out the new developer landing page.

If you have a look at the page footer you will see, that this website is already running an early version of Bigace 3. I just meantion that, to let you know that the development process for v3 is still ongoing ;)

Now tell me: what you think about the new design?