At these pages you can leave comments and rate the System. And this is where I need you. I would like you, to post comments and leave ratings at those pages. Post about your experiences... let other users know what is possible, tell them about the Forum Community and the help you received.

Whatever comes to your mind is important and helpful for other people searching for a CMS!

If you share your thoughts, other people will see it and test BIGACE. And this is what we need most, a growing Community. More active people lead to more extensions, more features, more help...

OpenSourceCMS is the most important page, because they create the most traffic. But the other pages are pretty good as well AND at the end, every posting in every Blog or Forum is good, let people know that BIGACE exists and what it is.

** Thanks for reading so far **

And here is the list (updated whenever I receive a link or find a new page):

Thanks for your support!



EDIT: Thanks to all you stupid SEO link googler, I had to close comments on this posting.