BIGACE Support

There are several ways to get support for your BIGACE system:

And if you need dedicated help, there is always the chance to consult a developer.


Please contact us through the Forum, especially if you need help. We will NOT answer any support question by Emails or private messages!

The major reasons:

  • The amount of request raises and we cannot answer everything in time
  • Help given via Email is lost, it can't help anyone in future with the same problem
  • It costs a lot of time, which could be spent implementing nice features for the next version

Please find the apropriate Forum and if possible, post your questions in english.

Found a Bug?

Yes, there are Bugs and the more you find and post, the more will be fixed! If you encounter a problem and think this could be some kind of technical problem, please leave a message in the Forum or at our Bug Tracker.

Want to thank us?

If you want to say THANK YOU, we love to hear it! If you want to show us your support, place a donation.

Nowadays we all use software for free and often don't think about the time and hard work, that was spent making it possible. Its not just about the time and money, it is about the idea of creating good and free software, about sharing it and about getting feedback.

Want to help?

GREAT! We are looking for help, for dedicated people, willing to share some of their rare time with the project.

Have a look at the Join the BIGACE Team and be part of the Open Source Community Forum posting.