People behind Bigace

We want to be more open to the Community - and to give you an idea about the people behind BIGACE we decided to publish some information about us.

Kevin Papst

Creator of BIGACE, also available at: LinkedIn, Xing, Blog

About myself:
I am a professional software developer since 2000 now with a german Bachelor degree in Computer Science. I develop software in a wide array of languages and always try to stay on the bleeding edge of new technologies and methodologies.

For a couple of years now I am self-employeed as freelancer and own a web company called Keleo, specialized in PHP development ... and Bigace :-)

When I started with BIGACE I needed a system for myself and wanted to dig deeper into PHP. As the project grew and the world of Open Source became a part of my daily life, I published this CMS under the GPL. Its still a long way to go, for the future I wish that the team grows and we get more hands to improve BIGACE.

Oleg Selin

Developer and Maintainer of russian website from Moscow, Russia
Meet me at: Forum

Oleg is a self-educated software developer, who started in the early 90's with hacking games and programs, and creating self-replicating mechanisms in assembler and C. Then, a couple of years later, he created the program in C + + using visual class libraries. The last few years he concentrated on web development in PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL and has a "Adobe Flash CS5" certificate from an authorized training center

Since the first days when he joined the community, Oleg is actively helping to improve Bigace. Starting with the russian translation, the creation of our IRC Channel and the russian Bigace website... just to name a few.

He has two professional educations: Mathematics and Mechanics and Local Area Networks. In addition to the two notebooks and a Tablet PC in his house he has three more computer (work, HTPC and a file server) which are all running Archlinux.


Allround talent (Translations, Testing, Templates) from Sweden
Meet me at: Forum,Homepage

Dragonslayer works as a computer technician at a building construction company. He is a guru for gaming consoles and has an xbox in every room of his house. His two gaming console related webpages concentrate on Xbox 360. Another hobby is pistol range shooting and he administrates a shooting-club homepage.

About myself:
I don't have any special programing skills, though I can handle some simple batchfiles and HTML and CSS. Learning PHP for me is a game of trial and error, but I already managed to create a useful extension and a smarty template. I started to translate Bigace to swedish just because I liked the superb CMS so much. I have learned a lot on the way... As soon as there is enough time, my BMW 2002 tii 1973 will be renovated.

I run my own webserver using Solaris (it is an u5 270Mhz with 256MB RAM & 8Gb HDD - XBOX).