Testing BIGACE


Because "testing" is one of the most important phases in the software-lifecycle. A well done testing period ensures that upgrading current installations of BIGACE will just provide enhancements to your software, and not unexpected results.

The BIGACE development is frozen (beside some really small changes) during the testing period. It is our last chance to fix things before the public release.

So please, participate. As more testers we have, as more problems can be found and fixed and this reverts as advantage to you and the BIGACE Community.

How to test?

Tests can be done offline, by downloading the installation package and testing it in your local environment or you can test at our demo website online.

What to test?

Each version is an evolution of the previous one. So, the most important thing to check is that the new version is not introducing new bugs not present in the latest public version.

The best way to be sure BIGACE will be ok when upgrading, is by testing it on your current applications. In this way, things that may be missing in the default applications and layouts can be tested and specific problems can be detected.

Where to publish your results

You can leave all comments at the Forum or the Issue tracker for discussions regarding your tests. Just go there and leave any information you think is useful. Not only negative tests results are good in this phase, but also positive feedback, so we can measure the results.

Please just post information strictly related to testing results. I understand that all you have expectations regarding new versions, but consider each version as an evolution of the previous one. No new development will be done in a testing phase, just fixes to existing and new issues.