Many different things in here today ;)

New template

For a project of mine (called "Indische Musik", a website about indian music), I needed a new music-style template, but none was available. So I searched several pages and finally found one. I ported it over to Bigace-Smarty and release it today in the hope that someone else can use it:

Updated documentation

Today I also took the time to update a couple of wiki documents:

New extension versions available

Okay, and finally here is the list of updated extensions. Please check if you use one of these and update it if necessary:

All extension pages have a section called "Changelog" where you find infos about applied changes.

Bigace 2.7.5

Oh and you probably recognized that I mentioned the next version 2.7.5. Its almost there and has a couple of new features and several bugfixes. I will release it soon. If you want to get more information, please check out the new Bigace Bugtracker and the current development state of v2.7.5.

Let me know if you find any problem or have an idea for improvements!