BIGACE is a dynamic PHP and MySQL based Web CMS. It is a multi-site, multi-language and multi-user Web CMS, whose main features are ease of use, speed, flexibility and simple adaption to your needs. Uses a WYSIWYG Editor for HTML editing and comes with a clear administration area, a short learning time for end-user, user group based permission model, templates and many more.


  • Code

    Bigace is written in PHP for MySQL backend, using modern javascript libraries and a powerful template engine.

  • Look & Feel

    Thanks to the template engine, it is super easy to change your website design for non-technical users.

  • Extendable

    Bigace has a plugin mechanism that allows to add powerful new features by extracting ZIP files.

Why Bigace?

BIGACE is a free and professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own website within minutes.

Administration Screenshot
Its powerful backend puts you in full control of the layout and content of your pages. And when you need more, you can choose from many Plugins and Themes to extend it. Bigace is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a CMS while having complete freedom to customize it the way you want.

BIGACE is written in the language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a CMS while having an moderate impact on the resources of the server with super fast content delivery through intelligent page caching. BIGACE is yet another CMS software, that fits perfectly for small to medium-sized websites. It is and will always remain completely free! Key features: BIGACE is a multisite, multi-language and multiuser Web CMS. Written in PHP for MySQL. Easy-to-use. Fully-integrated WYSIWYG Editor. Customizable Templates and Stylesheets, User and Permission management, many, open developer API, based on top of the popular Zend Framework 1.11. PHP Developer, especially with a Zend Framework konwledge, can start to extend Bigace within minutes.

Kimai - Time-Tracking

Made by the same developer as Bigace, there is another application you might like:
Kimai is the world's leading open-source time-tracking software.

Kimai time-tracking

  • 450+ Forks
  • 5,000+ Installations
  • 20,000+ Users
  • 1,000+ Follower
  • 2,000+ Stars

It is used by thousands of companies around the world. Tenth of thousands of users use it one a daily basis and it is translated into more than 30 languages. The core system is free and mainly targeted for project time-tracking, reporting of billable hours and such. But there are also commercial plugins available, which make it a full-fledged time-tracking solution for companies that require time-accounts, vacation and public-holiday management, sickness and absence tracking, Kiosk modes for central punch-in and punch-out tracking, task management, expense tracking and so much more. The core system supports LDAP and SAML logins, 2FA authentication, invoice printing, reporting, teams and roles, a granular permission system and obviously per user timezones.

Kimai - Cloud

While the on-premise version of Kimai is good for IT companies,
most users prefer the simplicity and safety of the hosted cloud version.